About Tawgeeh Company

History of Tawgeeh and The Founder

After working in many national and international organizations in both public and private sector for more than 15 years, Mr. Gabr decided to establish Tawgeeh, in 2008, as a consulting office. With concentration on Information management and its applications in operations and Decision Support Systems (DSS), the office started to grow. This has created the need to relaunch the office in the form of a company that provides solutions, consulting, and training especially in the elds of geographic information systems (GIS) and mobile phone location-based services (LBS).

Customers can benefit from national and international experience in public and private sectors

What Tawgeeh does

Geographic location is a critical factor in decision making in many industries. (e.g. Heritage Documentation, Real Estate, Urban planning, Infrastructure, Local Development, Business and Geo-marketing, Irrigation, GAS and Petroleum, Politics, Public Policy Administration, National DSS...etc).

That makes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) an excellent tool for information management in these industries. Also, GIS and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have built the base for advancements in Location Based Services (LBS). LBS are currently a fundamental service for smart phones users. They normally depend on LBS in their navigational decisions.

Accordingly, and based on our experience, Tawgeeh provides B2B solutions, consulting, and training for both public and private sector organizations in the field of GIS and its various applications. We also provide B2C applications that provide . LBS for mobile phone users. 

We provide our customers with:

1-Strategic Information management procedures

2- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) .

3- Location Based Services (LBS) .

4- B2B & B2C Solutions, Consulting, and Training services .