GIS Training

People are the key to a complete and successful GIS solution. It is always important to make sure that the client's staff have the right GIS skills to make the solution successful. GIS users must, at minimum, know how to maintain geographic data and how to update it. Based on the client needs and as Tawgeeh is aware of the importance of well trained staff, we plan the customized training starting from GIS introduction till web-based and mobile GIS applications. In addition to the custom-made training courses and diplomas, Tawgeeh has a list of well-structured training courses that the client can choose from. That strategy enables experienced GIS users to select the suitable training for them. Our trainers in Tawgeeh are highly qualified trainers with extensive hands-on experience using, desktop, web, mobile, DBMS and enterprise GIS products. Tawgeeh's consultants have trained hundreds of GIS users and specialists in our region. In respect to our social responsibility and desire to spread the culture of decision making using geographic location, Tawgeeh is ready to provide free training workshops for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Also, we provide GIS training workshops for students at different discount rates. Contact us at for further information and discussion on custom training programs



Introduction to Geoinformation Technology (SDI)

Introduction to PostGIS and Geoserver

Crime Mapping and Analysis

Spatial Analysis

Mobile Mapping

Introduction to GeoServer

Advanced GeoServer

Introduction to PostGIS

Intermediate PostGIS


Beginners Quantum GIS

Advanced Quantum GIS