Our Technologies

After 15 years of experience in GIS consulting and developing applications, Tawgeeh has developed a systematic workflow and a robust development platform that are based upon open components. Tawgeeh always searches new open technologies and alternatives that provide the client with cost-efficient reliable enterprise solutions. Some of the solution domains are:

Cultural heritage documentation

Spatial Database infrastructure (SDI)

Vulnerability analysis GIS solutions

Urban planning decision support systems

Local governance decision support systems

Irrigation decision support systems

Geo-marketing for small and medium business

As the open community grows with time, technologies and SW are increasing. Now we have many alternatives that Tawgeeh uses in the projects. SW and technologies can be divided into:

·Desktop GIS SW (e.g. MapWindow, OpenJump, ...etc)

·Enterprise DBMS (e.g. mySQL, SQL Postgre, ...etc)

·GIS web server (e.g. Mapserver, Google, ...etc)

·GIS web clients

·Spatial database Infrastructure (SDI) server

Because of that variety of technologies, we normally evaluate alternatives according to the client's requirements. Then we select the most suitable alternative and integrate the components together for the benefit of our clients.